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Image of a man motivated to take action after experiencing an impactful marketing campaign

We Design Campaigns That Move You

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Does your marketing have an...

emotionally compelling vision?

Image by William Daigneault
Image by William Daigneault
Digitally constructed shelf
Digitally constructed shelf


Digitally constructed shelf
a headphone marketing campaign

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

At Stulac Marketing, we're all about storytelling. That's why our integrated marketing campaigns tell the whole story of your brand with across social media, PR, partnerships & alliances, and more. We bring the creativity and excitement to create an unforgettable experience for your target audience.

  • Brand Experiments 

  • Growth Initiatives 

  • Product Launches

  • Holiday Selling

  • Non Profit Fundraising 


Media Production

Stulac Marketing produces media that elevates your brand with cinematic storytelling and captures the hearts and minds of your audience. From commercials and brand stories to educational tutorial videos and, even, brand photography, we bring your marketing campaign to life with visually stunning and emotionally gripping content.

Image of video editors working on a media project

What Are People Saying?

"Stulac Marketing has a deep understanding of the online space and was able to use this knowledge to listen to our needs and priorities, strategically guiding our team through a website redesign. Their team of experts, led by Alex Stulac, came up with some truly unique and innovative ideas in design and content creation, optimizing the visitor experience. Their tailored and phased approach is why we continue to work with Stulac Marketing."

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James P. Desrosiers M.M.
Founder, GROWTHco


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