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Image of a man motivated to take action after experiencing an impactful marketing campaign

We Design Campaigns That Move You

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 a world where marketing campaigns inspired customers to change it. 

Image by William Daigneault
Image by William Daigneault
Digitally constructed shelf
Digitally constructed shelf


Digitally constructed shelf
Image of marketers crafting a digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Stulac Marketing uses a story-driven approach to help your organization emotionally connect with its audience. Our team of experienced marketers will craft a blockbuster narrative strategy that aligns with your brand's mission, values, and purpose, building on that strong relationship you have with your customers. Our marketing strategies can be used across various digital platforms, including social media, email marketing, and content marketing, to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and ultimately drive conversions. 


  • Product Launch Campaign

  • Content Strategy

  • Media Strategy & Activation 

  • Growth Experiments 

  • Partnerships & Alliances 

  • Event Marketing Strategy

Media Production

Stulac Marketing is your one-stop shop for all things media production, with a cinematic twist! We're the Coppolas of video production, crafting visually stunning, and emotionally gripping content that will make your audience say "I'll be back!" Our creative team of veterans of the film, marketing, and music industries will work closely with your marketing team to bring your next big campaign to life. So, if you're looking to make a splash on the small screen by dominating like those on the big screen, Stulac Marketing is your ticket to media production success!

  • Commercials 

  • Brand Stories 

  • Event Programmatic Stories 

  • Motion Graphic Tutorial Videos 

  • Educational Course Content 

  • Advertising Photography 

  • Key Art

Image of video editors working on a media project

What Are People Saying?

"Alex...easily navigated the complex branding issues of our organization with our partners in India, Uganda, and our parent company, Mass General Hospital. Alex’s ability to strategize and easily work well with the many team members we had to pull in and the differing outlooks of what our team and partners wanted was inspiring."

St.Mary's center Logo (Dorchester, MA)

Alexis R. Steel
President, St Mary's Center for Women and Children
Former, Director, CAMTech (MGH)

Image of Alexis Steel, President of St.Mary's Center
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