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Hi, I'm Alex Stulac, Principal of Stulac Marketing.

It is my belief that digital marketing should be shared, used, valued, and understood, by all. Today, as this migration to online picks up speed, faster and faster, more buyers are drawn to this new digital space. Marketing is about connecting with your buyers. Through creative storytelling and supported by scary numbers and analytic charts, your establishment in the online space will mean future success in terms of brand identification, customer success, and, of course, revenue growth. 

I have spent my life appreciating the world of cinema, learning to perfect my craft of screenwriting. Screenwriting is nothing more than designing an emotionally gripping story that attracts a specific audience. In college, while working in the Marketing Department at Bose Corporation, I realized that at the crux of digital marketing was, simply, a good story - and I knew how to tell one well. 

My capabilities and passion have evolved thanks to my recurring projects at Bose, in the Marketing Department and later in Training & Engagement, as well as my experience as a content producer at I.C.W. Productions. As the projects became more intensive, I found myself in more of a project management role; strategizing, budgeting, and handling big-picture responsibilities ( building campaigns, target audiences, and deployment channels ) with my clients. Once I discovered that, in many cases, I was wearing the hat of educator, proposing new marketing-related platforms to adopt, understanding various key performance indicators (K.P.I.s) and their respective benchmarks, and discussing tactics and initiatives that competitors in their industry were using, I knew it was time for a transition. 

Today, I introduce myself to you as Alex Stulac, Founder, Digital Marketing Strategist of Stulac Marketing. My approach is simple; education comes first. I assist my clients and help them recognize wins and losses in the digital marketing space. But the education aspect is only one component as a comparable focus on storytelling and analytics brings to life a well-working and effective digital marketing strategy. I have seen success with technology, start-ups, and non-profits entities, that seek to establish a disruptive concrete framework and marketing infrastructure through an inbound marketing methodology. 

At Stulac Marketing, I practice a tried and true principle: Teamwork. We will work together as a team to accomplish unimaginable goals. 

I look forward to working with you and designing your organization's next digital marketing strategy.

Our Founder

  Alex Stulac is the principal owner and Marketing Strategist at Stulac, a creative marketing agency crafting meaningful marketing strategies and related media content for mission-driven organizations. With a dedicated emphasis on off-brand marketing tactics and corresponding media production, Alex has engaged with influential entities like Sennheiser, Bose, Massachusetts General Hospital, and St. Mary's Center for Women and Children, among others. His expertise lies in the conception and development of integrated marketing campaigns using a story-driven approach. Over his marketing career, Alex has had the pleasure of strategically partnering with notable affiliates and their teams on projects, such as David Guetta (Grammy Award Winning DJ), the National Football League, and The White House.

    Moreover, Alex's aspirations stretch beyond marketing, extending into Film/TV production, direction, and writing. Alex is developing a four-feature film saga that explores the socio-economic impact of the first colony on Mars. Concurrently, he is developing a television series titled 'Second Takes', which follows the journey of a contentious Hollywood producer as he navigates the aftermath of a high-profile divorce from his celebrity spouse, rebuilding his professional relationships while learning to date as a single father in Los Angeles.

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The Genesis Foundation for Children

Stulac Marketing Proudly Supports The Genesis Foundation for Children (Boston, MA)

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