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A Cinematic Touch

How We Use a Story-Driven Approach

At Stulac, we believe in the power of storytelling to captivate, engage, and connect with audiences. Inspired by the illuminating industry of film and television, we set out to apply the magic of storytelling to the business of marketing.

Image by Matt Popovich

The Journey Begins 

Alex Stulac, the founder of Stulac, has always been deeply inspired by the art of cinematic storytelling, emerging technologies in visual and audio production, and the influence of marketing on consumer behavior. Early in his career, he realized that the conventional product-centric marketing approach was unsustainable. To ensure growth, he advocated for a shift towards experiential marketing. By crafting stories featuring relatable characters, Alex aimed to demonstrate how a brand or product could seamlessly integrate into consumers' lives, mirroring the experiences of the characters in the stories.

The goal was clear: create a narrative-driven approach that resonates with people, much like the way great films touch our hearts and minds.

Watch the Ted Talk below to learn how your brain responds to stories. 

Our Approach

We have learned that no matter how complex the topic, the heart of storytelling lies in simplicity, relatability, and the importance of clear story arcs.

The Rules to Structuring an Effective Narrative 

We believe in breaking the rules at Stulac, but to break the rules properly, first, we had to learn them. We've built a unique structural approach to the design of marketing campaigns and media narratives embodying the rules of many story educators, such as Kurt Vonnegut and Blake Snyder. The structure of a story is its backbone, the invisible framework that holds everything together. It's what allows us to take a chaotic collection of ideas and weave them into a coherent, engaging narrative. At Stulac, we recognize that a well-structured story is the key to conveying your message effectively and compellingly.

Our Structural Best Practices

At Stulac, we go beyond simply acknowledging the importance of story structure; we practice it diligently. Our approach includes:

Emotional Engagement

We infuse our narratives with emotion, drawing the audience into the story, and making them feel like a part of it. Emotional resonance is at the core of our storytelling and helps the audience see themselves in the story.

Clear Story Arcs

Every story we create has a clear structure, like the classic hero's journey or a complex narrative. This structure captivates the audience and ensures our brand's message is delivered engagingly from start to finish.

Actionable Messages

We don't just tell stories for the sake of entertainment. Whether it's driving sales, raising awareness, or sparking change, our narratives have a purpose - inspire action.

How will a narrative approach help your business?

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