A Journey Into Digital Marketing


Hi, I'm Alex Stulac, Principal of Stulac Marketing.


It is my belief that digital marketing should be shared, used, valued, and understood, by all. Today, as this migration to online picks up speed, faster and faster, more buyers are drawn to this new digital space. Marketing is about connecting with your buyers. Through creative storytelling and supported by scary numbers and analytic charts, your establishment in the online space will mean future success in terms of brand identification, customer service, and, of course, revenue growth. 

I have spent my life appreciating the world of cinema, learning to perfect my craft of screenwriting. Screenwriting is nothing more than designing an emotionally gripping story that attracts a specific audience. In college, while working in the Marketing Department at Bose Corporation, I realized that at the crux of digital marketing was, simply, a good story - and I knew how to tell one well. 

My capabilities and passion have evolved thanks to my recurring projects at Bose, in the Marketing Department and later in Training & Engagement, as well as my experience as a content producer at I.C.W. Productions. As the projects became more intensive, I found myself in more of a project management role; strategizing, budgeting, and handling big-picture responsibilities ( building campaigns, target audiences, and deployment channels ) with my clients. Once I discovered that, in many cases, I was wearing the hat of educator, proposing new marketing-related platforms to adopt, understanding various key performance indicators (K.P.I.s) and their respective benchmarks, and discussing tactics and initiatives that competitors in their industry were using, I knew it was time for a transition. 

animated graphic of a runner in a road race outfit
alex stulac finishing the falmouth road race in 2019

Falmouth Road Race (Falmouth, MA), 2019

Today, I introduce myself to you as Alex Stulac, Digital Marketing Consultant for Stulac Marketing. My approach is simple; education comes first. I assist my clients and help them recognize wins and losses in the digital marketing space. But the education aspect is only one component as a comparable focus on storytelling and analytics brings to life a well-working and effective digital marketing plan. I have seen success with tech start-ups, non-profits, and solo-preneur entities, who seek to establish a concrete framework and marketing infrastructure through an inbound marketing methodology. A concrete framework keeps you aligned with your business goals, requires you to see results to establish effectiveness, and saves you time and money. 

At Stulac Marketing, I practice a tried and true principle: Teamwork. We will work together as a team to accomplish unimaginable goals. But, before you go, you should be made aware, working with me will be quite a unique experience. You will learn how to track your return on investment (R.O.I.) in digital marketing, crystalize your brand's message - if you haven't already - and gain a life long team member - as our relationship will continue even after our project has wrapped and your goals are met! 

And be forewarned, at the end of our project, you will be left with an exhaustive list of must-see movies - don't worry, though, the list is free of charge. 

  Let's Get In Touch!  

We can brainstorm ideas over a virtual coffee.

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Related Degrees, Certifications, and Courses

  • B.S., Communications - The University Of Massachusetts - Amherst, 2015.

  • Film Studies, The University of Massachusetts – Amherst, 2015 

  • The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Google, 2018

  • SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth, Hubspot Academy, 2020

  • Principles of Economics, Microeconomics, Marginal Revolution University, 2020

  • Content Marketing Certified, Hubspot Academy, 2020

  • Social Media Marketing Certified, Hubspot Academy, 2021

Fun Facts

  • Vice-Chair, Young Professionals Executive Committee, The Genesis Foundation for Children, Boston, MA

  • I love to run, especially the Falmouth Road Race.

  • When I'm not running, you'll find me on the golf course.