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How Do You Go Digital?

Digital Marketing seems complex and multifaceted - and it can be - but as an educator, it's my job to help you easily discover and harness the power of online. But what is digital marketing? How do you know it's working? How do you show a return on your investment (R.O.I.)? These questions, and more, are what I aim to help you understand. 

My name is Alex Stulac, Principal of Stulac Marketing. As a digital marketing consultant, I will help you navigate the digital landscape. Together, we will define your buyer persona(s), develop engaging content, and determine where to post your content. Stulac Marketing embodies the principles of an inbound methodology to build out your content marketing strategy. This method engages with your audience by understanding their problems, and, hopefully, solving them with the help of your amazing products/services. Your digital marketing strategy will center around many popular approaches used today, such as search engine optimization (SEO), which helps people find you on Google; brand awareness helps people become familiar with your business, turning them into supporters; lead generation produces more qualified leads to scale your business. Having a strategy, a blueprint to keep you aligned with your goals, is the first step toward "Going Digital".

Click over to How To Go Digital to find out how involved and creative our projects can be. 

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Alexis steel smiles outside in front of a floral landscape

Alexis R. Steel
President, St Mary's Center for Women and Children
Dorchester, MA

"Alex...easily navigated the complex branding issues of our organization with our partners in India, Uganda, and our parent company, Mass General Hospital. Alex’s ability to strategize and easily work well with the many team members we had to pull in and the differing outlooks of what our team and partners wanted was inspiring."


Jill Fearons
Founder, The Friends of Jack Foundation

"I discovered during the development process that working with someone you trust and can communicate openly with is critical to telling YOUR story. Alex really listens and understands what elements set apart our Foundation from others. And that familiarity and knowledge comes to life in the videos that he produced for our marketing campaigns.

CEO of Franklin Robotics Linda Ysueta smiles with flowers in the background

Linda Ystueta
COO, Tertill Corporation
Billerica, MA

"Alex is a "get it done" guy that you want on your team. He is a pleasure to work with, creative, cost-conscious and focused on results."



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