Woman learns digital marketing with an online coach.

Digital Marketing 

Grow Your Business Successfully Online

Stulac Marketing’s Digital Marketing Coaching package is a 3-, 6-, or 12-month engagement that guides you through a particular avenue of the lucrative and multi-faceted digital landscape. Since the digital marketing landscape is so vast, there may be areas you want to fine-tune or improve upon.

  • Expand or establish a new online brand channel. 

  • Optimize your website to achieve a higher conversion rate. 

  • Identify areas to improve in your already established digital marketing plan.

Online Course

Stulac Marketing's Digital Marketing Coaching can help you find success in all these areas and more.

How Will Your Digital Marketing Coaching Work?

Your digital marketing coach will assist on growth efforts, educate you, and keep you aligned and accountable. 


You will meet 2x per month for 2 hours to strategize with your coach. During the initial meeting, you will set your goals for the engagement. These will be project-specific goals. What would you like to accomplish at the end of your 3,6, or 12-month coaching engagement? Your coach will also help you discuss goals for the future. The intent of your digital marketing coaching engagement is to set you up for success in the future. 

Past Coaching Engagements

A digital marketing coaching engagement can focus on a range of subject matter, so here are a few past engagements to give you some ideas. 

  • SEO and Website User Experience design to ​grow online conversions through the company website. 

    • Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Moz were used to compile analytic data on how people were using and accessing this website. Google forms were then introduced to develop past-customer feedback surveys. These surveys asked about the client's past-projects successes, thoughts on their personal buying experience online, and, if they had time, thoughts on the website from the eyes of a buyer. This portion was also used as a method to reengage with those customers and to highlight new services and offerings that were available.

  • Establishment of a LinkedIn Brand page and group for lead generation. 

    • The goal was to grow an affiliate marketing brand through Linkedin. Right off the bat, this project began with an educational portion, that aimed to understand the entire breadth of LinkedIn's capabilities. With the newly learned-knowledge, identified viable opportunities, and developed a simple strategy to curate leads. Out of this project came an inbound-marketing approach of offering educational content through a niche audience group. A personalized outreach strategy was introduced to connect with each member once they joined. This gave the new members a personalized experience and contact with the admin of the group. 

"Alex is extremely professional and knowledgeable in the online digital marketing space. His marketing strategies to attract more business to one's platform is vast, and he is confident in his ability to take your ideas to achieve your business goals. He is personable and a pleasure to work with!" - Jen R., Isagenix

  • Email marketing content design and strategy to increase brand exposure. 

    • Square POS, Facebook, and Instagram were the primary programs that contributed to the long-term, and continued success of this project. Square POS acted as the primary customer resource management (CRM) and email marketing tool for this organization. The objective was to learn, optimize, and build engagement through Email, Facebook, and Instagram, which were identified as the most used platforms for this business's target audience. After a brief strategic and education period, a How-To video strategy was created. This strategy led to higher engagement on all platforms, increased likes/followers, and sustainable growth of new-customers.


"Alex was extremely helpful. I started working with him not having any idea what I was getting myself into. He explained everything thoroughly and helped me understand everything to the point where I genuinely enjoy creating content. Thanks Alex!" - Jen G., Sydney's Hair Salon (Sudbury, MA)