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About Us

Stulac Marketing is a creative digital marketing agency that applies a story-driven approach to the design, and management of digital marketing strategies and related media production.

Story-Driven Approach

Our Clients

Stulac Marketing teams up with mission-driven organizations (For-Profit and Non-Profit) when they need to take their marketing efforts from 'ordinary' to 'extraordinary'. From launching a new product or service to breaking into a new target market, we know that past strategies need a new approach. In our ever-changing marketplace, deciding on which direction to head can be daunting. Stulac Marketing, its team, and contractors bring a new perspective to your marketing efforts to push the boundaries of what we think is possible. 

Our past and current stakeholders of start-up executives, directors of marketing, and non-profit executives, sought to make a splash and take their organizations to the next level. 

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What is a Story-Driven Approach?

Inspired by the stories, production technology, and disruptive techniques of the film industry, Alex Stulac (Founder, Stulac Marketing) set out to test this approach in the marketing arena. His goal was to create a shift from a product-facing approach to an experiential focus that was backed by a cinematic touch. Today, the power of storytelling is widely known and is frequently applied in oration, data and analytic presentations, economic thought problems, marketing, and more. Storytelling has been the missing link that helps us take convey complex ideas and inspire audiences to take action. Stulac Marketing's strategic team applies various story arches and elements from known literary geniuses, such as Kurt Vonnegut, to shape a compelling narrative. This approach begins with an essential first step, understanding your audience, and then designing a narrative that entertains them. Nothing in life, whether it be science, data, or marketing, needs to be dry and boring to make an impact. 

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Our values tell a S.T.O.R.Y


From the Founder

Stulac Marketing was founded on the idea that stories connect us. Frequently, I reflect on the stories that inspired me to take action. The movies, the books, the photographs, and the music that inspired me to run, ask questions, and contemplate new methods and ideas. Recalling what the film industry had done for a century, connecting us through story and the visual medium, I set out to approach marketing with a ‘cinematic’ touch. Today, as this migration to online picks up speed, faster and faster, the digital space has become an essential marketplace, not only for profit but non-profit marketing as well. Creative storytelling builds an emotional bond with audiences. The data helps us shape and refine those stories while discovering hidden gems that guide your customers to become brand evangelists. With a story-driven approach, your establishment online will mean future success in terms of revenue growth, brand awareness, and the adoption of ideas. 

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